Friday, November 6, 2015

Rainbow cupcakes

These over the rainbow cupcakes are super easy to make! Anyone can make them. What you need is your favorite cake recipe, some frosting, mini marshmallows and Air head Xtremes. After you make and cool your cupcakes, you want to make your frosting. You can use already made or make your own. Use some sky blue food coloring for the sky blue color and put aside. I found it was easier to insert the Air head Xtremes and then put on the frosting. This way you can push the Air head Xtreme into the cupcake and it won't fall off. Once your rainbow Air head Xtremes are in the cupcakes you can now spread the frosting. Spread lightly and slowly. Make sure you frost under the rainbow and all around. Once you have completed this you can use mini marshmallows as I did in the photo below for clouds. You can use 3-5 on each side or as many as you like. They are super easy to make and the kids will love them.